Creative with moss stick: tying up a Monstera

What kind of stick?
A moss stick. This is a stick with, I kid you not, no moss. Most moss sticks are a plastic pipe wrapped in coconut fibre. In other words, just a coconut stick. You can buy them ready-made or – for the real crea-plant-beasers among us – you can make them yourself by wrapping a branch with dead or living moss using string or fishing wire. And then, suddenly, it really is a moss stick.

The moss stick gives your green amigo support in growing. In their natural habitat, they often climb against trees, rocks or other branches, but in your living room these objects are often lacking. A moss stick ensures that they can still climb and clamber around!

Hanging up the Monstera

Placing the Monstera moss stick
We have already warned you that you should not just poke your green amigo in the potting soil with that stick (that’s what she said…), and of course we are not saying that for nothing. It is best to place the stick at the moment you are going to repot your green amigo. Are you lazy and don’t feel like repotting? You can also just press it into the soil, but be careful not to hit any roots. It is best to do this in the spring, when your green amigo has more energy to recover. Push the stick deep enough so that it does not fall over when your plant starts to embrace it, and preferably place it as close as possible to the trunk in the middle. Let that Monstera climb!

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