Mold on potting soil: how to get rid of it

Some of the green amigos try to get a good press sometimes. We have already tried to explain to them a few times that this is really not necessary and that we think they are great anyway, but sometimes there are a few who still try to get on your good side. You can see mould on the potting soil of these green amigos. Not bad, because mould does no harm to your plant, but it can sometimes look a bit distasteful. This is how you get rid of it!

Nothing on the hand
Moulds come in all shapes and sizes. They live off the dead remains of your plant and are therefore not harmful. Actually quite chill, but perhaps less so for the looks. Although a little toadstool next to your green amigo might look nice, we can imagine that you would rather get rid of them. Is the fungus on your plant itself? Then it can be bad luck. These are fungi that live on living material and this can damage your plant. You can remove these unfriendly moulds by carefully wiping the leaves with a clean cloth and some vinegar in a spray bottle.

Cause of mould on potting soil
Apart from the fact that your green amigo is just trying to get a white hat for you, mould can have several causes. Often it is because the potting soil is too moist, but it can also be because the plant is in a too dark place. In addition, high humidity in combination with little air circulation can be the culprit. Good story, nice and short, but how do you get rid of it?

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