How to fight mourning flies

How to fight mourning flies
Are they already flying around your green amigo’s ears? We mean mosquitoes, better known as mourning flies. That is not ideal, but fortunately you do not have to be too sad about it. These tiny flies are quite easy to control and we explain you in detail how to do it.

Mourning fly
Mourning flies are not really flies, but very small mosquitoes. That is why they are also called sciarid flies. Fortunately, they cannot sting, but they are very good at laying eggs. But really very good at it; they lay 200 eggs at a time! They do this in the top 5 centimetres of the potting soil. They continue to reproduce continuously, so that a small quantity of mourning flies quickly leads to an entire plague.

Damage to the plant
Mourning flies look a little like fruit flies, but smaller and blacker. Fortunately, they will not kill your plant immediately, but they do cause feeding damage. They not only feed on dead plant material, but also on living organic material. The larvae will damage the roots of your green amigo and therefore increase the risk of all kinds of diseases and fungi. So it is important to show those mourning flies the door as soon as possible!

Fortunately, these annoying little creatures are quite easy to combat. It is best to attack the larvae. There are a few different options.

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